Dr. Angelos Marnerides, 

University of Glasgow, UK

Wissenschaftlicher Lebenslauf: 

Angelos Marnerides promovierte 2011 an der Universität Lancaster und arbeitete anschließend als wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am University College London, der University of Proto und der Universität Lancaster. Von 2015 bis Oktober 2016 war er Akademiker an der Liverpool John Moors University, bevor er als Lecturer nach Lancaster zurückkehrte. Seit August 2020 ist er Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) an der School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow, Schottland, UK.


Dr Marnerides research brings a data, measurement-driven and systems-oriented approach to the study of security and resilience challenges of the Internet at scale and of Internet-enabled cyber-physical systems. He leads the Glasgow Cyber Defence Group (GCDG: https://bit.ly/3eINeDH) and is academic member of the Glasgow Systems Section (GLASS: https://bit.ly/33LugG1) and Netlab (https://bit.ly/3y7MJL7). Relevant topics are (i) Internet measurements, security and network management, (ii) Profiling of large-scale IoT-based botnets, (iii) Malware detection, (iv) Cyber threat intelligence, (v) Programmable security and resilience, (vi) Industrial IoT & Smart Grid cybersecurity including Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security, (vii) Anomaly detection for smart energy systems and Energy theft.